the power of simplicity

About Adaptacus

We are a vertical manufacturer of electronic equipment, and a lot of our time is spent on assembly work, not least PCB assembly.

Adaptacus™grew out of simple economics: we needed something low-cost, versatile and efficient to assemble PCBs, because the alternatives are expensive. Whether it be using subcontractors, investing in equipment (pick-&-place machine) or spending long hours in tedious hand-assembly, these costs would never be recovered on small production runs.

Adaptacus™ has been designed using the 80:20 rule: it solves 80% of the assembly problems while using 20% of the available time, thus leaving more time to deal with the troublesome 20% of parts, which have to be dealt with regardless. We know there isn’t a single solution to 100% of the work, but achieving 80% in one go breaks the back of the task in hand.

Critically, Adaptacus™ allows you to gather all the components close together and move the PCB close to the parts you are putting onto it, thus giving control (visual and mechanical) over placing those parts. You are able to configure the component order to match the assembly workflow, and change it quickly.

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