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Price List

ADAPTACUS™600 = £475
600x400 work area, max 30 lanes
includes 30 sizing blocks**:
20 x 8mm blocks
5 x 12mm blocks
5 x 16mm blocks
Note: this does not include a reel holder

ADAPTACUS™400 = £340
400x400 work area, max 20 lanes
includes 20 sizing blocks**:
15 x 8mm blocks
3 x 12mm blocks
2 x 16mm blocks
Note: this does not include a reel holder

Sizing blocks individually priced**:
8mm blocks
12mm @ £5.50
16mm @ £5.75
16mm @ £6.00
20mm @ £6.50
24mm @ £7.00

** state your required tape thicknesses at time of order, in increments of 0.5mm: 1.0mm-5.5mm


ADAPTACUS™600 reel holder = £70
A DAPTACUS™400 reel holder = £60
Note: the reel holder does not come as part of the basic unit but is sold as a separate item.
Spare work area (metal plate) 600mm = £60
Spare work area (metal plate) 400mm = £40
Thin rails = £20 pack of 5
All prices exclude VAT, postage & packing.
Delivery approx 5-7 working days, depending on availability.
All prices subject to change according to commodity price fluctuations
Send us an e-mail with your order, or click on the link below for order form. This will download a Microsoft Word order form for you to complete and e-mail back to us. On receipt, we will respond with an order acknowledgement giving confirmed prices and delivery costs, as well as any further relevant information.
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